Wednesday, December 26, 2018

What is "The Fall"?

What is “The Fall”? Is it the simplistic obvious disobedience that is expressed in the story of the Garden of Eden, or is it more complex than that? Is it the willful disregard for God’s direction, or is it even more subtle than that? When Adam and Eve walked with God, I assume that they talked, and that Adam and Eve discussed their hopes and plans and desires with God, allowing God to modify and direct their thoughts, which then turned into their activity the next day. They were, at least initially, very conscious of God, who was in their lives, and directed them into fulfilling their purpose. But, when tempted, they embraced the lie that they could decide for themselves what was right and wrong; that their minds were sufficient to make right decisions independently of God’s direction. That is what I do on a daily basis! I start my day with Bible reading and prayer, then enter into independent decisions and activities. I may have asked for God’s direction, at least symbolically, in my morning prayer, but then tend to ignore him throughout the day, assuming I am capable of figuring things out on my own, and able to making good decisions without running them by God. I too am guilty of thinking that I am like God, and able to manage my own life quite nicely on my own. I am a functional deist, recognizing God exists, but not engaging him in my daily activities and decisions. So, what then am I to do? Enoch and Brother Lawrence may have had the answer: walk with / practice the presence of God continually. As followers of Christ, we no longer need wait for a specific time to meet with God for conversation, but rather have the presence of God with us continually. We usually forget that, or at least ignore His presence, missing out the great wisdom and knowledge at our disposable. It is as if I fumble in the dark, seeing poorly, while the switch to the light that would brightly illuminate the room is within reach. At this time of year, we sing about Immanuel, God is with us! Do we believe it? Do we live it? Or do we live as if He is simply a baby in a foreign land?